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is loved and owns Denise and Tony Rostron


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Denise and Tony decided they would like to have a try at showing Finlay so off they went and threw themselves into the deep end and entered Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club Championship show.

Judge Mr Peter Chave (Breed Specialist)

1st Novice

1st Maiden

1st Graduate

1st Post Graduate

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Finlay at 18 months and a really handsome chap what lovely adult he

has turned out to be

At 12 months.

Growing well and becoming a truly beautiful and masculine dog, we are really proud of the way he has turned out, and give credit to his owners Denise and Tony for the wonderful job they have done with him

9 months

Finlay at 8 months

Growing into a

really handsome


6 Months

Finlay in his new home.

3 months

      Starting out on the journey of life
       3 Weeks                          5 Weeks  
1 week